Time tracking


Tracking the working time or the time spent with different activities is the core feature of YourTime, therefore this feature is very well developed and very thoroughly tested.

The tracking of the working time is done on the basis of tasks. A task may be an important work, an activity that is connected to a project or a work, but it may be of a different character as well, e.g. time spent with learning or anything else. However, it is also possible to measure with the aid of this feature the time that is spent with recreation or entertainment. As a result you may get a very accurate statistics on when and with what you spent your time and how much time was needed to carry out a task.

The tasks may be organised into projects, which may be also used as simple categories. It is not mandatory to use projects, everything may be grouped into a single project / category.

The recorded working times may be modified, they may be allocated to another task, they may be deleted and periods may be recorded at any time, without actually tracking the period.

The methods of tracking the working times

YourTime provides a number of ways for tracking the working time, it is possible to start and stop the tracking of the working time:

  • in the main menu of the software
  • by clicking on the tray icon
  • using the widget
  • whenever it detects an activity it operates fully automatically
  • automatically, but asking
  • with a key combination
  • with an extra mouse button

YourTime significantly supports the user interface-less utilisation mode, thus with operating in the background it offers an extremely fast and simple way of use.

Statistics, goals, statements, accounting statements, income

The tracked times may be used for a number of purposes (for details click on the links):

for creating detailed statistics that may be well set

for setting the goals of the activities on daily, weekly, monthly number of hours basis, for requesting notification in case they are achieved

for creating statements, accounting statements towards the employer

for registering the income, for their real time displaying – it may significantly increase motivation