Managing goals


YourTime provides a possibility for setting the tracking of goals. The goal is a time that is expressed in minutes and hours. This is the time during which you would like to handle the given task, activity each day, each week, each month. A goal may be set for a day, a week and a month, even for all the three, but if required to one or two of them.

YourTime is able to notify you if it reached a goal.

It is possible to create a statistics on the goals. Therefore you may view as regards a day, a week, a month whether to what extent and when you performed the goals set (expressed in very accurate, percentage values and also in spectacular graphic format).

It is possible to save the statistics in pdf or web page (HTML) formats as well.

This is how a statistics of goals look like:

YourTime is able to notify you if it reaches one or more goals:

The goals may be set at the time when the task is created:

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