Development roadmap


The YourTime software is being developed on continuous basis, with taking into consideration the feedbacks.

This means three things:

In the case of each new version, the new features, bug fixes and enhancement are defined in advance.

However, if we receive a good idea, it may be introduced into the next version. Of course, this depends on what stage the development of the new version is at the given moment, if issuing it is already near, or if it is already in its testing phase, naturally it already cannot be included in the next version, it may be included only in the subsequent one.

Correcting more serious problems is always a priority, and it leads to the issuing of an extraordinary new version.

Typically monthly maximum 1 new version will arrive.

The current version is version 6.

What may be expected in the coming versions?

Click on the right side “Feature request” button.
Change in the section “ideas that are” from the option “Open” to option “Approved” .

The features located therein may be expected in one of the subsequent versions.

Would you like to know what had been introduced into the specific versions?

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