Time tracking, income and time management

Goals, tasks, projects, statistics, reports

No monthly fee


This is the YourTime!

($39 – lifetime free upgrades)

Time tracking

Tracking the working time may be solved in a simple manner and in several ways, with automatic starting and stopping as well.

Managing goals

You may set for a task daily, weekly and monthly goals and if you have achieved your goal, YourTime will notify you.

Statistics, reports

YourTime provides an opportunity for creating statistics, goal statistics, reports and accounting statements.

Working in background

YourTime is able to work completely in the background during your everyday activities.

Everything may be changed

YourTime does not force anything on you. In the software anything may be set, and the setting of everything may be changed.

Modern, clean user interface

The interface, the appearance of YourTime is modern and transparent. Most of the features are clear at a glance.

Real time display of income

You may track your daily incomes, your work fees in a continuously visible manner in real time.

Comprehensive help

It has a detailed help, which is at hand whenever you need it.

Traditional program

YourTime is a traditional software, with all the advantages of traditional softwares.

Mini applications (widgets)

YourTime supports its use with the aid of customizable widgets.

Lifetime free upgrades

You will receive always free of charge the updates of the YourTime core software, for an unlimited time.

Strongest privacy protection

YourTime may be used as a traditional software, all the data will remain with you.

Your opinion matters

During the development of YourTime, great emphasis is laid on user feedbacks.

From users

The developers of YourTime are using it as well – this guarantees the best user experience!

No monthly fee

You have to pay for YourTime only once and you may use it for any time, without internet.

($39 - lifetime free upgrades)

This is not all, the following features are expected in the future


Based on feedbacks

The feedback based developments enjoy priority always.

Health protection

You may decrease the harmful impact of computerised work with YourTime.

Gesture control

Using YourTime is even more simple when you control the software with the aid of moving the mouse.



YourTime allows you to record notes, and memos as well.


Tasks, to-do

Complete task (to-do) plugin, this way there will be no need for another separate software.

Database backup

It is possible to prepare automatic, version numbered savings to arbitrary places.

Do you miss something? Something should operate elsehow? Please let us know!